International conference Literary Fiction and Rationality, University of Tampere, May 30-31

University of Tampere, May 30−31, 2013



All Thursday sessions are held at Pinni B 1096

09.00 Welcome by Leila Haaparanta

09.15−10.45 Plenary Talk by Kathleen Stock: Fiction, Belief, Imagining and Cognitive Value

10.45−11.15 Coffee

11.15−11.50 Petr Kotatko: Narration in Decay

11.55−12.30 Arto Laitinen: On Literary Fiction, Science Fiction and Thought Experiments in Practical Philosophy

12.30−13.30 Lunch

13.30−14.05 Lars-Olof Åhlberg: Imaginary and Imagined Worlds in Narrative Fiction

14.10−14.45 Karen Simecek: The Rationality of Poetry

14.50−15.25 Alexander Bareis: The Interpretation of Fictional Narrative and Rationality

15.25−15.55 Coffee

15.55−16.30 María José Alcaraz León: Warranted Emotional Responses to Artworks and the Problem of Moral Education through the Arts

16.35−17.10 Angela Curran: Aristotle on the Nature of Our Affective Responses to Literature

17.15−17.50 Stephen Chamberlain: Emotion and Imagination in the Rationality of Fiction

19.00− Conference Dinner at the Restaurant Henriks


09.15−10.45 Plenary Talk by Elisabeth Schellekens: Title TBA (Pinni B 1096)

10.45−11.15 Coffee

11.15−11.50 Parallel Sessions
Riku Juti: Philosophical Lessons from Dickens (Pinni B1096)

Hanna Meretoja: Literature, Ethics and a Sense of History (Pinni B 1097)

11.55−12.30 Parallel Sessions
Timo Vuorio: A Novel as an Argument. Dostojevsky on Crime (Pinni B 1096)

Olli−Pekka Moisio: Ernst Bloch and Literature (Pinni B 1097)

12.30−13.30 Lunch

13.30−15.00 Plenary Talk by Garry Hagberg: Title TBA (Pinni B 1096)

15.00−15.30 Coffee

15.30−16.05 Parallel Sessions
Jukka Mikkonen: Literature, Irrationality, and Moral Reasoning (Pinni B 1096)

Niklas Forsberg: Teachings of Density and Distance. Remarks on the Philosophical Significance of Novels beyond the Presence of “Philosophy” (Pinni B 1097)

16.10−16.45 Parallel Sessions
Ana Falcato: Form is an Expression of Content. John Coetzee against Substitution of Ethical Thought (Pinni B 1096)

Ingeborg Löfgren: Cavell and Projective Imagination in Philosophy and Literature – Clarification, Mystification, and the Logic of Narration (Pinni B 1097)

16.50−17.25 Parallel Sessions
Bridget Vincent: Reasoning with Literature. Poetic and Prosodic Irrationality (Pinni B 1096)

Nora Hämäläinen: Cora Diamond, Alice Crary and an Extended Conception of Rationality (Pinni B 1097)

Closing Words by Leila Haaparanta (Pinni B 1096)