Aboagora – Between Arts and Sciences

Aboagora – Between Arts and Sciences

Turku, 16-18 August 2011
Full programme and online registration: www.aboagora.fi

Registration starts 26 April

Participation is free, but the workshops and lunches require registratioen (limited to 100 persons). The agora-keynote lectures are open and require no registration.

Keynote speakers: Prof. Ruth Behar (USA), Prof. Ilkka Niiniluoto (Finland), Prof. Dan Sperber (France)

Aboagora is an event that promotes dialogue between the arts, humanities and sciences, and aims at challenging and breaking boundaries between arts and the scholarly world. Aboagora is a joint effort by the Turku Music Festival, the Department of Cultural History at the University of Turku and the Donner Institute, Åbo Akademi University.

In August 2011, Aboagora brings current scholarly debates to Turku and
creates encounters between arts and sciences. Aboagora starts in Turku
during the European Capital of Culture year 2011, and the theme of the
first symposium is “Rethinking Enlightenment”. The programme consists of workshops, keynote lectures and concerts.

Please register at www.aboagora.fi to participate,