Agency and Nature

27.05.2010 - 28.05.2010
Workshop: "Agency and Nature" i Stockholm den 27 och 28 maj.


Speakers and Titles:
Andrew Janiak, Duke University, North Carolina
“Agents and their powers in Isaac Newton's philosophical thought”

Lilli Alanen, Uppsala University
“Explaining (away) the passions: Spinoza and the science of the human mind”

Valtteri Viljanen, Academy of Finland
“Force and Striving in Schopenhauer’s Metaphysics”

Charlotta Weigelt, Stockholm University
”A potential origin? Aristotle’s conception of archê in the Physics.”

Marcel Quarfood, Uppsala University
“Kant’s antinomy of teleological judgment”

Martin Gustafsson, Stockholm University
“Anscombe's Bird, Wittgenstein's Cat.”

Ulrika Björk, Uppsala University
“Praxis and Initium: On Hannah Arendt's Conception of Action”

Erik Åkerlund, Uppsala University
"The Four Causes in Suárez - the Transformation of the Aristotelian Causes in Late

Organisatorer: Robert Callergard och Charlotta Weigelt