Animal Minds

09.02.2009 - 10.02.2009
I am the main organizer of two workshops to take place in Tartu in February 2009 which will represent a meeting between the traditions of phenomenology and semiotics (with nature as a common theme).

The first, to be arranged Feb. 6-7th, is entitled "The Ecology of Perception. Landscapes in Culture and Nature"; the second, to be arranged Feb. 9-10th, "Animal Minds". Attendance is open (upon registration) to everyone interested. Confirmed presenters include US eco-phenomenologist David Abram and US philosopher/semiotician John Deely (who will be visiting Department of Semiotics the spring semester).

More information at the event homepage, "SemioPhenomenon":

Season greetings,

Morten Tönnessen
Magé-RJ, Brasil