A program update for the History of Philosophy Research Seminar (Helsinki)

An updated program for the History of Philosophy Research Seminar in Helsinki (changes are bolded in the program below):


History of Philosophy Research Seminar

The seminar meets on following Tuesdays, P318 14-16


Research seminar on Ancient to Early Modern philosophy arranged by the members of the ”Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics” Centre of Excellence Research Programme. It is open for researchers and students interested in the area, but does not give students credits.


History of philosophy research seminar, autumn 2008:

16.9. Miira Tuominen (Jyväskylä): Late ancient interpretations of human sociability
23.9. Timo Kaitaro (Helsinki): Nature and morality in eighteenth-century French materialism
30.9. Mika Perälä (Helsinki): Memory of sensory acts in Aristotle?
7.10. Markku Roinila (Helsinki): Hope and moral motivation in Leibniz
28.10 Ville Paukkonen (Helsinki): Hylas’ parity argument
4.11. Toni Kannisto (Tampere): Kant on the matter/form distinction
11.11. Eero Salmenkivi (Helsinki): Socratic fallacy
25.11. Pauliina Remes (Uppsala): For itself and from nothing: The One as an extreme ideal of selfhood
2.12. Mikko Tolonen (Helsinki): Hume and pride
9.12. Malin Grahn (Helsinki): Stoic views on children and upbringing