[TINT] Philosophy of Science seminar; 22.9.-17.11.2008, Helsinki

Trends and Tensions in Intellectual Integration [TINT]:


TINT is an interdisciplinary and international project sponsored by the Academy of Finland. It is concerned with issues of unity and disunity in the social sciences considered in their contemporary context. Important transformations are taking place in and between the social sciences, but these changes are not uniform, they rather involve tensions and conflicting tendencies towards both integration and disintegration. The ambition of TINT is to look into these tendencies and tensions from the point of view of the philosophy and social studies of science. Special attention will be paid to economics as a major agent in these developments: its growing role and its credibility as such an agent. The general cultural background – not itself a major focus of TINT – is given by the growing role of economic concepts and considerations in shaping our social lives at large.


Philosophy of Science (POS) Seminar:

Current Schedule (2008) 

22.9.08 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
N. Emrah Aydinonat:
How does the Heckscher-Ohlin Theorem survive despite its "poor" empirical performance?

29.9.08 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Aki Lehtinen:
A Farewell to Arrow's Theorem

6.10.08 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Jaakko Kuorikoski:
Contrastive Explanation, Indeterminism and Heterogeneity

13.10.08 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Petri Ylikoski:
Social Mechanisms and explanatory relevance

27.10.08 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Anna-Mari Rusanen:
Variation in Novice Philosophical Intuitions and Its Relevance to Analytic Philosophy
– a Critique of Experimental Philosophy

3.11 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Robert C. Richardson:

10.11 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Jani Raerinne:
On Robustness

17.11 (mon 14-16; S20A, sr 244)
Raul Hakli & Pekka Mäkelä:
Mapping the Study of Collective Intentionality

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