PMP Research Seminar; autumn 2008 program

PMP Research Seminar
Autumn 2008

Friday, 26 September, 14-16 ( Auditorium IX, Main Building,  Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)
The Study of Moral Psychology in History: Methodological Issues
Julia Annas
John Marenbon

Friday, 10 - Saturday, 11 October (Auditorium XI, Main Building,  Unioininkatu 34, 3rd floor)
Ancient Moral Psychology

     10.15: Juha Sihvola, Introduction
     Christof Rapp, Aristotle on the moral psychology of persuasion
     Mika Perälä, Aristotle on Perception and Self-Love

     14.15: Marke Ahonen, Ancient Philosophers on Mental Illness
     Christoph Helmig, Chanting the truth: the concept of epôdê in Plato's                    

     Philipp Bruellmann, Aristotle on music and education (Politics VIII)

     10.15: Francesca Pedriali, Aspasius' excursus on emotions
     Malin Grahn, Seneca on Poetry and Moral Development
     Miira Tuominen, Ethics and Moral Psychology in the Late Ancient                    


Friday, 31 October, 12-15 ( Auditorium IX, Main Building, Unioninkatu  34, 3rd floor)
Ilse Paakkinen, Christine de Pizan on the souls and bodies of men and  women
Martina Reuter, Mary Wollstonecraft on the virtue of modesty
Ville Paukkonen, Berkeley on self-knowledge

Friday, 28 November, 12-15 ( Auditorium IX, Main Building,  Unioninkatu 34, 3rd floor)
Juhana Toivanen
Jussi Varkemaa
Minna Koivuniemi
Olli-Pekka Vainio

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