International Conference on Philosophy of Language and Linguistics
University of Lodz (Poland), 14-15 May 2009
First Circular and Call for Papers

The Department of English and General Linguistics at University of Lodz
announces the first International Conference on Philosophy of Language
and Linguistics. The title of the Conference is deliberately ambiguous:
we wish to investigate the relation between ‘philosophy of language’ and
‘linguistics’, but we also want to focus on ‘philosophy of language’ as
opposed to ‘philosophy of linguistics’. Are the two in opposition, or do
they perhaps complement one another?

The principal aim of our Conference is to bring together philosophers
and linguists; we would like the papers to address the following issues
(the list is not exhaustive):
- what are the new problems and issues in the philosophy of language in
the 21st century?
- have any traditional problems been successfully solved?
- how does research in linguistics influence the philosophy of language
and philosophy of linguistics?
- how does philosophy influence modern linguistics?

The following scholars have accepted our invitation to address the
conference as plenary speakers:
Prof. Eros Corazza (Institute of Cognitive Science, Carleton University)
Prof. Katarzyna Jaszczolt (Department of Linguistics, University of
Prof. Barbara Lewandowska-Tomaszczyk (Department of English Language and
Applied Linguistics, University of Lodz)
Prof. Michael Morris (Department of Philosophy, University of Sussex)
Prof. Jaroslav Peregrin (Department of Logic, Charles University, Prague)

A one-day seminar (in Polish) devoted to philosophy of language and
linguistics will follow the Conference.

Abstracts of papers of max. 500 words should be forwarded by e-mail to
philang2009 (at) Deadline for submission is 31 December 2008.
Presentations should last max. 30 minutes (including discussion and
questions). Notification of acceptance will be sent by 1 March 2009.

A volume of conference proceedings will be published with an
international publisher.

The conference fee is 200 EUR. It covers the cost of participation,
conference materials and conference dinner.

Accommodation will be provided at the University of Lodz Conference
Center, Kopcin'skiego 16/18. Single and double rooms are available. The
cost of a single room per night is 140 PLN, double 210 PLN, breakfast is
included in the price.

Further information about accommodation and social program will appear
in the Second Circular, in September 2008.

Organizing committee: prof. dr hab. Piotr Stalmaszczyk, prof. dr hab.
Krzysztof Kosecki, dr Janusz Badio, Jerzy Gaszewski, Ryszard Rasin'ski.