(NorLit 2009)

Stockholm, August 6-9, 2009

The Nordic Association for Comparative Literature (NorLit) organizes every two years an international scholarly conference. The aim of NorLit is to develop the study of Comparative Literature through Nordic collaboration both in its own discipline and in Modern Language and Cultural studies. The next conference will take place in Stockholm, August 6-9, 2009. The conference is organized by the Department of Comparative Literature, Stockholm University, the Department of Communication and Culture, Södertörn University College, and the School of Computer Science and Communication, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

The theme for the meeting is ”Codex and Code: Aesthetics, Language and Politics in an Age of Digital Media”. The conference venue is the Royal Institute of Technology. The conference languages are the Nordic languages and English.

The conference wants to stimulate interdisciplinary scholarly research of the literary in a broad sense. We addresse ourselves to scholars in Comparataive Literature and in Classical and Modern Languages, Aesthetics, Media and Communication studies, Film and Theatre studies, Philosophy and adjacent disciplines. We want to encourage a discussion of how literary studies respond to the ongoing changes in media and technology, politics and economy. Many argue that the Humanities currently are in a state of crisis. We argue that the discipline seldom has found itself in such an interesting and fruitful historical moment.

The principal question for the conference is the challenge that the study of literature encounters in an age of digitalization and globalization. The conference also adresses questions of authenticity and originality, identity and gender, literary genres and reading practices, media and materiality, culture and popular culture, language and history, world literature, work aesthetics, translations and canon formation. Several of these questions have surfaced during earlier media system changes, in particular during Romanticism and Modernism, which provides the conference with an historical frame.

Keynote speakers (confirmed):
Professor Patrizia Lombardo, Département de langue et de littérature françaises, Université de Genève
Professor Haun Saussy, Department of Comparative Literature, Yale University
Professor Jochen Hörisch, Seminar für Deutsche Philologie, Universität Mannheim
Professor Andrea Polaschegg, Institut für deutsche Literatur, Humboldt Universität
Dr. Göran Sommardal, Stockholm.

The conference is organized around a number thematic sessions to which we invite researchers and scholars to present papers. For each thematic session there is appointed a chair, who also is the contact person for this session:

Avant-garde (Per Bäckström, Per.Baeckstrom(at)
Asthetics and Phenomenology (Roland Lysell, roland.lysell(at)
French Literature (Bengt Novén, bengt.noven(at)
Gender studies (Maria Karlsson, maria.karlsson(at)
Classical Literature (Paula Henriksson, paula.henrikson(at)
Crititical Theory (Anders Johansson, anders.johansson(at)
Literature in New Media (Jonas Ingvarsson & Cecilia Lindhé, jonas.ingvarsson(at)
Literature and Narrative Spaces (Christian Claesson, claesson(at)
Literature and Science (Kerstin Bergman, Kerstin.Bergman(at)
Literature and Religion (Håkan Möller, hakan_moller(at)
Publics of Literature (Torbjörn Forslid & Anders Ohlson; torbjorn.forslid(at) )
Literary Sociology (Johan Svedjedal, johan.svedjedal(at)
Literary studies in Modern Languages (Martin Svensson Ekström, martin.svensson.ekstrom(at)
Literary Writing (Cristine Sarrimo, Cristine.Sarrimo(at)
Materiality (Sara Danius, sara.danius(at)
Media and Mediality (Leif Dahlberg, dahlberg(at)
Narratology and Inter Semiotics (Christer Johansson, christer.johansson(at)
Performativity (Lena Hammargren, Lena.Hammergren(at)
Popular Culture (Jerry Määttä, jerry.maatta(at)
Pornography (Magnus Ullén, magnus.ullen(at)
Post-colonialism (Stefan Helgesson, stefan.helgesson(at)
Psycho-analysis (Carin Franzén, carin.franzen(at)
Queer (Tiina Rosenberg, Tiina.Rosenberg(at)
Rhetoric (Otto Fischer, otto.fischer(at)
Law and Literature (Anna Krakus, annakrakus(at)
Contemporary Aesthetics (Cecilia Sjöholm, cecilia.sjoholm(at)
Language Materialism (Jesper Olsson, jesper.olsson(at)
Swedish Poetics (Anna Cullhed, Anna.Cullhed(at)
Theory and Hermeneutics (Jan Holmgaard, janholmgaard(at)
Textual Criticsm and Editions Research (Petra Söderlund, petra.soderlund(at)
Old Novels (Mats Malm, mats.malm(at)
Translation, Theory and Practice (Lars Kleberg, lars.kleberg(at)

In order to ensure the quality of the presentations and to stimulate discussion, the presenters shall submit full papers prior to the conference. The oral presentation of papers consists of a short summary of the content (5-10 minutes per paper). Only sessions that receive enough papers will be carried out.

Abstract (max 1500 characters with spaces) mailed to session organizer latest on December 15, 2008. Decisions of accepted papers will be sent on January 15, 2009. Full papers (max 60 000 characters with spaces) mailed to session organizer latest on June 6, 2009.

Conference fee: SEK 900 (SEK 1200 after April 30, 2009)
Conference fee students: SEK 500 (SEK 800 after April 30, 2009)

Registration: March 1– June 30, 2009


Leif Dahlberg, dahlberg(at)
Sara Danius, sara.danius(at)
Roland Lysell, roland.lysell(at)
Martin Svensson Ekström, martin.svensson.ekstrom(at)
Petra Söderlund, petra.soderlund(at)