Research Methodologies: Embodiment - and the study of cultural and artistic practices; 21.5.08-23.5.08, Helsinki

Research Methodologies: Embodiment - and the study of cultural and artistic


When: 22 May (10 AM) - 23 May (5 PM) 2008

Where: Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies (seminar room), Fabianinkatu
24 A, Helsinki (except workshop)


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by Dr. Sreenath Nair: ”Restoration of Breath: A Practical Approach to
Consciousness in Performance”

Venue: The Finnish Theatre Academy

For more information and registration contact: Tiina Keisanen
(tiina.keisanen (at)





9:30 Welcome  Karen Vedel

09:45-11:00 KEYNOTE

*         ”Dance in the Field: Methodological Developments in Dance
Theresa Buckland (Professor of Performing Arts in the School of English,
Performance and Historical Studies at De Montfort University, Leicester, UK)

 11.00-11:15  Coffee

 11:15-13:00  Research Papers (30 mins)

*         ”Other Flesh -  Approaches to the Research of Couple and Group
Petri Hoppu, PhD (University of Tampere)

*         "Embodied larp [live-action role-playing] - Questions of embodied
participation in the games 'Luminescence' and 'the Plastic Cup’”
Juhana Petterson, film director, role playing artist

*         ”What remains”
Hanna Järvinen, PhD

 13:00-14:15  Lunch break

 14:15-15:30 KEYNOTE

*         ”Restoration of Breath: Consciousness and Performance”
Dr. Sreenath Nair (Senior Lecturer, Lincoln School of Performing Arts,
Lincoln University, UK)

 15:30-15:45  Coffee

 15:45-17:00  2 Research Papers (1 hour + 30 mins)

*         "The Actor´s art in modern times"
Esa Kirkkopelto, PhD (Finnish Theatre Academy)

*         [Title to be confirmed]
Leena Rouhiainen, PhD (Finnish Theatre Academy)



09:00-09:30 SUMMARY OF SYMPOSIUM THEMES Hanna Järvinen + Karen Vedel

 09:30-10:45 Research papers

*         ”On architectural space as embodied and multisensory experience”
Kirsi Saarikangas, PhD, Christina Institute, University of Helsinki

*         ”Simulatorium for Enactive Cinema. An extrapolation of the
author's embodiment of emotional theme in Sergei Eisenstein's holistic
montage theory”
Pia Tikka, PhD cand., University of Arts and Design

 10:45-11:00 Coffee

 11:00-12:45 Research papers

*         ”Observant participation. The practice of silence and stillness”
Karen Vedel, PhD, Research Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies

*         ”Silence and beyond - on ethnographic limits and possibilities”
Marja-Liisa Honkasalo, PhD Docent, Professor Medical Anthropology

*         "Knowledgeable Bodies. Social maps, space and movement. A case
study from Aden, Yemen"
Susanne Dahlgren, PhD, Research Fellow, Helsinki Collegium for Advanced

 12:45-14:00 Lunch break

 14:00-15:15 KEYNOTE

*         ”Embodied Learning and Remembering Across Cultures:
Anthropologists' Experiences”
Judith Okely, Professor Em. Social Anthropology. Deputy Director of the IGS
(International Gender Studies Centre), Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford

 15:15-16:30 Plenary discussion/closure

 16:30 Closing Reception in the Common Room on the 3rd floor of Helsinki
Collegium for Advanced Studies.