Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity, Umeå/Uumaja

An international workshop organized by CHEP, The Interdisciplinary Network on the Cultural History of Emotions in Premodernity

24-26 October 2008, Umeå University, Sweden

We invite submissions for 20-minute talks (in English) from students and scholars of any discipline within the humanities who are interested in the history of emotions in the premodern period (i.e., before 1800), for a two-day workshop to be held at Umeå University, Sweden, in October 2008. We intend to foster discussion across fields and time period specialism and we welcome therefore contributions on all aspects of the cultural history of emotions in the premodern times, from as diverse approaches as possible, albeit within history, history of ideas, arts, politics, philosophy, religious or gender studies. We are especially interested, but not exclusively, by contributions on the following topics:

• emotions as a historical concept
• emotions in religious and political contexts
• emotions, rhetoric and politics
• cultural expressions and historical repertoire of emotions
• the history of gestures and expressions
• emotions and gender

The workshop will provide the basis for an electronic and/or printed publication of selected papers.

Please send a one-page abstract before 31 Mars 2008 to:
jonas.liliequist @, Department of Historical Studies, Umeå University,
SE-901 87 Sweden

Conference organizers:
Jonas Carlquist, Scandinavian Languages;
Mohammad Fazlhashemi, History of Ideas;
Jonas Liliequist, History;
Ann-Catrine Eriksson, History and Theory of Art;
Hanna Zipernovszky, Religious Studies