200 Years of Analytical Philosophy: 4th International Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication, Riga

Call for Papers

200 Years of Analytical Philosophy

4th International Symposium for Cognition, Logic and Communication

Confirmed invited speakers include :

Arianna Betti (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
Mike Beaney (York, UK)
Johannes Brandle (Salzburg, Austria)
Matti Eklund (Cornell, USA)
Dagfinn Foellesdal (Stanford, USA)
Leila Haaparanta (Tampere, Finland)
Peter Hylton (University of Illinois at Chicago, USA)
Sandra Lapointe (Kansas State, USA)
James Levine (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)
Bernard Linsky (Alberta, Canada)
Michael Losonsky (Colorado State, USA)
Ulrich Majer (Hanover, Germany)
Paolo Mancosu (Berkeley, USA)
Mathieu Marion (Montreal, Canada)
Kevin Mulligan (Geneva, Switzerland)
Peter Simons, FBA (Leeds, UK)
Jamie Tappenden (Michigan, USA)
Amie Thomasson (Miami, USA)
Janis N. Vejs (Riga, Latvia)
Jan Wolenski (Krakow, Poland)
Richard Zach (Alberta, Canada)

The symposium will take place on 28-30 August 2008 at the University  of Latvia in Riga and is co-hosted by the Center for Cognitive  Sciences and Semantics of the University of Latvia and the  Department  of Philosophy at Kansas State University

Call for Papers and Symposia
The aim of the conference is to stimulate exchange on those aspects of  the history of analytical philosophy that have been neglected and to  provide a venue for work that concerns lesser known figures and  theories or lesser known aspects of known ones.

Possible topics include:
The Brentano School and early analytic philosophy
British Empiricism and its modifications
The British idealists (Bradley, McTaggart, Collingwood, etc.)
Early logical positivism
The origins of the cognitive sciences and early theories of the mind
The relation between philosophy of language and formal semantics
Twardowski and his school (Lesniewski, Lukasiewicz, Ajdukiewicz,  Kotarbinski, Tarski, etc.)
Early analytic philosophy and the neo-Kantians
Bolzano and/or Frege
Analytic philosophy and phenomenology
The rise of analytical issues in ontology

Submitted papers:
A limited number of papers will be selected for presentation at the  symposium and considered for inclusion in the proceedings in the  Baltic International Yearbook of Cognition, Logic and Communication.

Time allowed for presentations is 40 minutes including discussion.  Submitted papers should have a maximum of 3000 words and should be  accompanied by a 200 words abstract.

All submitted papers should be PREPARED FOR BLIND REVIEW, and should  be sent electronically to:

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 15 APRIL 2008. Authors will be notified in  May 2008.

Symposium proposal:
In addition to individual papers, the scientific committee will be  considering
proposals for symposia. Time allowed for symposia is 2  hours (including discussion).
Symposia should include a minimum of  three and a maximum of four contributions.
Submissions should be  clearly identified as ?Symposium proposal? and include:

1)    The title of the symposium
2)    A brief description of the topic and its relevance to the  conference (200 words)
3)    The name, affiliation and academic status (student, lecturer,  assistant
professor, etc.) of each participant
4)    The title of each contribution as well as an extended 500-1000  word abstract.
5)    The name, affiliation and academic status of the person who will  be chairing the symposium

Symposium proposals should be sent electronically to:

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION IS 15 APRIL 2008. Authors will be notified in  May 2008.

For more information, please visit our website:

Scientific Committee: Matti Eklund (Cornell), Sandra Lapointe (KSU),  Marcelo Sabates (KSU), Jurgis Skilters (U of Latvia), Artis Svece (U of Latvia), Amie Thomasson (Miami).

Sponsors and partners:
The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia
The University of Latvia
Kansas State University
The Bertrand Russell Society
The History of Early Analytical Philosophy Society