Workshop on Theology and Early Modern Philosophy; Helsinki Collegium

Workshop on Theology and Early Modern Philosophy

Collegium of Advanced Studies, Helsinki, ground floor 

7 February 2008 Thursday
1. Philosophy in Post-Tridentian Catholic Theology

15.00 M.W.F. Stone (Leuven): Philosophy in Early Modern Thomist and Scotist Theology
16.00 P. Dvorak (Prague): Philosophy in Jesuit Theology
17.00 Coffee
17.30 J. Armogathe (Paris): Seventeenth-Century French Augustinianism
8 February 2008 Friday
2. Philosophy in Protestant Theology
9.15 S. Knuuttila (Helsinki): Philosophy in Seventeenth-Century Lutheran Theology
10.15 Coffee
10.45 S. Lalla (Berlin): Philosophy in Post-Reformation Reformed Dogmatics
11.45 L.O. Nielsen (Copenhagen): Philosophy in Anglican Theology
12.45 Lunch

3. Philosophers on Revealed Truths

15.00 T. Schmaltz (Durham, North Carolina): Revealed Truths in Descartes, Malebrance and other Cartesians
16.00 S. Hutton (Middlesex): Cambridge Platonists
17.00 Coffee
17.30 M.-R. Antognazza (London): Leibniz on Trinity and Incarnation 

9 February 2008 Saturday morning
4. Scepticism, Toleration, Science
9.15 P. Byrne (London): Matthew Tindal and Tolerance: Some Lockean Themes
10.15 Coffee
10.30 I. MacLean (Oxford): Certainty and Uncertainty in Early Modern Theology and Natural Philosophy
11.30 J. Israel (Princeton): Spinoza and Radical Enlightenment
12.30 Lunch
5. Philosophers on Revealed Truths
14.00 R. Jakapi (Tartu): Berkeley on Revealed Religion
15.00 J.-L. Solere (Boston): Bayle
16.00 T. Aho (Helsinki): Hobbes on Religion
The workshop is open.
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