Departure for Modern Europe – Philosophy between 1400 and 1700; call for papers

Departure for Modern Europe - Philosophy between 1400 and 1700/Aufbruch ins moderne Europa - Philosophie zwischen 1400 und 1700/Départ vers l'Europe moderne - La philosophie entre 1400 et 1700


Essen, Haus der Technik, 26 - 30 March 2007


The /European Society for Early Modern Philosophy / Europäische Gesellschaft für frühneuzeitliche Philosophie e.V. / Société européenne pour les débuts de la philosophie moderne (ESEMP)/ is a European forum for scholars and scientific institutions, investigating early modern philosophy within its European context.


From March 26th to March 30th 2007 the ESEMP organises its first international congress in cooperation with the Kulturwissenschaftliches Institut Essen (KWI) in Essen.


The congress will look back upon theories of modernization in the last decades. The intention is to take stock of those tendencies for a departure for modernity, which by now have become the subject of different disciplines - a fragmentation that was alien to early modern thought. In which areas do the sciences or philosophy reflecting them pursue certain linear paths of development leading to modernity (comprehensively understood)? And where does it remain committed to tradition? Are their roots really - as has often been suggested - a kind of inner logic guiding this process of e.g. economization mechanization, secularization, individualizing, mechanization of the understanding of nature, deteleologization of the ethics, neutralization of the state etc.?


It is the intention of the congress to survey the state of research in this field and to open up new perspectives in twenty panels and five workshops.


For your contribution the organizer requests either an abstract clarifying the scope and aims of the paper and its central theses, which should not exceed 5000 characters, or a complete paper inclu­ding an abstract. The reading time should not exceed 30 minutes.


Both kinds of contribution have to be sent only electronically as RTF file (Times New Roman, 12 pts, 1,5 lines, specification of Name, affiliation, mail and email address) until September 30th 2006 to


Provisory profiles of the sections and workshops as well as further information on the invited papers can be found under  


Organizer: ESEMP

(President: Prof. Dr. Hubertus Busche; Secretary: Dr. Stefan Hessbrüggen-Walter)


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